Premier Traveler (PT) Worldwide Honored by the Five Awards from the Prestigious North American Travel Journalists Association

NATJA now in its 25th year, honors the coveted “best of the best” in travel journalism,” which is judged by seasoned journalists, photographers and public relations professionals announced the winners of its 2016 NATJA Travel Media Awards Competition.

Premier Traveler‘s feature Boeing Trailblazers” (the women of Boeing) winning three-Awards; two Gold Awards and an Honorable mention all in separate categories. PT was also awarded Honorable mention Awards for “Editor's Letter Dec/Jan” and “Discovering the Hidden Wine Lands of Spain” at the 2016 NATJA Awards Competition.

“For me, the greatest reward is to be recognized by my peers, and I’m honored to see my work in Premier Traveler commended along with superb publications such as National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. I’m also grateful to find that in awarding Boeing Trailblazers three prizes, two Golds and one Finalist, NATJA hails the enormous contributions women have been making to aviation since its beginnings, from the skilled seamstresses who devised a way to attach wings to the first biplanes, to the brave pilots who ferried newly built bombers to the theaters of war, to the astronauts who pioneered America’s space program, inspiring so many women and men to do groundbreaking work in the future,” explained Janet Forman, Features Editor of Premier Traveler Worldwide

Submissions for this year’s awards competition grew by more than 20% compared to last year. Entries reflected an array of excellent journalistic and creative work. “Submissions were judged by seasoned journalists, editors, photographers and PR professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience. NATJA is appreciative to all its judges for the tremendous time and effort they took in reviewing this year’s entries. Given the caliber of the entries, the judging was not easy,” stated NATJA CEO Helen Hernandez.

NATJA 2016 Awards PT for Excellence in Travel Writing  in Travel Journalism

Special Focus Travel Articles - Print: Historical Travel 

  •  Gold: Janet Forman, “Boeing Trailblazers,” Premier Traveler

​​Travel Series - Print Publication

  •  Gold: Janet Forman, “Boeing Trailblazers,” Premier Traveler

Byline Travel Column

  • Honorable Mention: Janet Forman, “Editor's Letter Dec 2015 Jan 2016,” Premier Traveler

Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine

  • Honorable Mention: Janet Forman, “Discovering the Hidden Wine Lands of Spain,” Premier Traveler

Special Focus Travel Articles - Print: Personality and Profiles

  • Honorable Mention: Janet Forman, “Boeing Trailblazers,” Premier Traveler

"As always, I am immensely proud of Forman, our extremely talented Editor-in-Chief Sandra Ramani and the entire team here at Premier Traveler," said an enthused Adam Rodriguez, CEO and Editorial Director of Premier Traveler Worldwide. Rodriguez continued, "I am quite delighted ending 2016 with nine accolades (Awards) to add to our total, from the likes of such reputable organizations as SATW and NATJA."

About Premier Traveler Worldwide (PT) was created as an outlet for its readers’ voices to be heard. Perpetually on-the-go (both domestically and abroad), with high expectations and a taste for luxury, Premier Traveler readers always have something to share—a personal experience, an opinion, a suggestion, a question—and PT was designed to listen to and seek the answers they need. The open dialogue doesn’t stop with letters and emails from readers: the magazine goes one step engaging readers via questionnaires on a variety of topics, allowing the editorial team to inject the magazine’s content with valuable and relevant insights. This is one example of what elevates Premier Traveler beyond just another magazine to one that shares a personal connection with its readers.


  • 2013 “Best Magazine Article: U.S. Travel”
  • 2013 “Best Magazine Article: Foreign Travel”
  • 2013 “Best Business Travel Media Award”
  • 2014 “Bill Muster Gold Award: Cultural Category”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: The World's a Stage”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: Lisbon’s New Lease on Life”
  • 2014 “Best in-depth coverage on travel theme: Series on Women in Travel”
  • 2014 “The Business of Travel, Second Place: Meet in the Cloud Forest”
  • 2014 “Best Photography, Action, Second Place: Shark Tank (Dubai)”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel, Second Place”
  • 2015 “Best Magazine Article: Romance” Editor Letter
  • 2015 “Best Magazine Article, Second Place: Food and Wine”
  • 2015 “Best Byline Travel Column, Editor Letter”
  • 2015 “Misc Category, Hands on Vacation”
  • 2015 “More than One Destination”
  • 2016 “Best History Category, The Women of Boeing”
  • 2016 “Best Special Focus: Historical Travel” “The Women of Boeing”
  • 2016 “Best Travel Series: The Women of Boeing”
  • 2016 “Byline Travel Column: Editor's Letter Dec 2015 Jan 2016” Honorable Mention
  • 2016 “Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine: Discovering the Hidden Wine Lands of Spain” Honorable Mention
  • 2016 “Special Focus Travel, Personality and Profiles: The Women of Boeing” Honorable Mention

Source: Premier Traveler Worldwide (PT)


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