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Industry: Travel

Founded: 2006


About Us: Premier Traveler (PT) was created as an outlet for its readers’ voices to be heard. Perpetually on-the-go (both domestically and abroad), with high expectations and a taste for luxury, Premier Traveler readers always have something to share—a personal experience, an opinion, a suggestion, a question—and PT was designed to listen and to get the answers they need.

The open dialogue doesn’t stop with letters and emails from readers. Premier Traveler goes one step further by creating frequent questionnaires on a variety of topics, allowing the editorial team to inject the magazine’s content with valuable and relevant insights.

As perennial global travelers, PT readers demand premium products and services but can still appreciate a good deal. That’s why they turn to Premier Traveler for the latest travel news and information, while also learning about exciting promotional offers and losing themselves in candid hotel and flight reviews. This is part of what makes Premier Traveler more than just another magazine, but one that shares a personal connection with its readers.


  • 2013  “Best Magazine Article: U.S. Travel”
  • 2013  “Best Magazine Article: Foreign Travel”
  • 2013  “Best Business Travel Media Award”
  • 2014  “Bill Muster Gold Award: Cultural Category”
  • 2014  “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: The World's a Stage”
  • 2014  “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: Lisbon’s New Lease on Life”
  • 2014  “Best in-depth coverage on travel theme: Series on Women in Travel”
  • 2014  “The Business of Travel, Second Place: Meet in the Cloud Forest”
  • 2014  “Best Photography, Action, Second Place: Shark Tank (Dubai)”
  • 2015  “Best Magazine Article: Romance”
  • 2015  “Best Magazine Article, Second Place: Food and Wine”